The Elder Scroll 6: 12 things that will happen before the game is released

You wonder, we wonder, everyone wonders: but when the heck The Elder Scrolls 6 will he come out? Almost 10 years after the release of the excellent (but pressed to the last drop) Skyrim, the question is valid.

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One thing is certain, since the announcement of the title at E3 in 2018, Bethesda has been miserly on details. Studio boss Todd Howard, however, is (partially) out of his silence about the upcoming Elder Scrolls this Tuesday, giving an interesting interview to the British daily The Telegraph.

In it, Howard mentions in particular that the sequel to Skyrim will use the same graphics engine as for Starfield, Creation Engine 2, on which the team is currently working.

“It’s like new core technology. The vast majority of our development work is done on Starfield right now, but everyone is working on everything, so the projects kind of intersect, ”he explained.

The Bethesda leader, however, dealt a blow a few lines later to those who expected to see The Elder Scrolls 6 land in a moderately close horizon.

According to Howard, the RPG would thus always be in the “design” phase.