The Absolute Size Of This New Xbox Controller


    Turtle Beach announced earlier today a new, large controller for flight sim players.

    Called the VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System, it’ll work on both Xbox and PC, but given the latter’s myriad and existing options this seems expressly designed to cater to the console crowd.

    At $US350 ($449) it’s not cheap, and PC gamers may find that price a bit much given the competition, but aside from some cool stuff like warning lights and dedicated throttle/prop controls, this is a true commercial flight controller, in that it has a yoke instead of a stick (most of the best PC systems, made for combat sims, use a stick), so this may hold more appeal for those who are only playing Microsoft Flight Sim.

    Which, you know, is probably a lot of people given that game in particular is what this whole controller is based around, and is timed to come out at the same time as Microsoft Flight Sim’s console release this winter.

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