Survive the glitch with Paradox Error on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

    paradox error xbox

    As gamers we’re well versed with the odd glitch or two. In fact, there are games that have become better known for their glitches, than the game itself – take a bow Cyberpunk 2077. But there are other games that positively embrace the glitch, utilising graphical and visual errors to bring depth to the gameplay. Step forward Paradox Error, a game in which you’ll be tasked with surviving in a glitch-fuelled world. 

    Coming from the eastasiasoft team, Paradox Error launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Nintendo Swtich to deliver players a glitched and unpredictable digital world. 

    Priced up at £4.19, Paradox Error makes the most of scrolling platform elements, a minimalist black and white visual style and a host of fourth wall breaking designs. You see, in Paradox Error glitches are purposely present, integrated into the system intentionally. And it is these which will allow you to open up new areas, to bring UI elements into play as if they are part of your playthrough, and even cheat death. 

    With the main menu working as a full respawn hub, enemies rocking up in cursor form and more, you’ll need to be on point to establish what is, and what isn’t, going to be helpful here. Throw in the fact that gameplay will suddenly shift to an entirely new perspective, and puzzle elements will change up on a frequent basis and you’ll got all the hallmarks of a frustrating, yet ultimately rewarding gaming experience. 

    We’re hoping that Paradox Error certainly plays more towards the latter of those comments, and our full review will be sure to focus on what is important. 

    Key features include:

    • Explore a glitched and unpredictable digital world!
    • Adapt to shifts in gameplay mechanics and perspective.
    • Try, die and repeat to learn how to survive.
    • Enjoy a minimalistic black-and-white pixel art style.
    • Use UI elements and game-breaking bugs to your advantage!

    If you’re up for a glitchy good time and reckon playing around and adapting to a ‘broken’ game is of your calling, get yourself over to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo eShop right now. 

    Game Description:

    Adapt and overcome glitches in an ever-changing digital world! Paradox Error is a surreal take on the scrolling platformer format, combining minimalistic black-and-white presentation with self-aware, fourth wall breaking design. Glitches are intentionally integrated, allowing the player to cheat death, open new areas by triggering bugs or leap off of UI elements as if they’re part of the stage. The title screen’s main menu acts as a respawn hub, cursors may appear as enemies or helpful guides, graphical errors obscure parts of the screen and the player’s character explodes into pixels upon death. To survive, you’ll have to quickly identify which portions of the screen can be reached, which pixels can be touched and which ones are simply background art. Adapt as gameplay suddenly shifts to a different perspective or requires interaction with a glitched object to proceed. At its core, Paradox Error is an ever-changing environmental puzzle where you’re expected to die repeatedly and use those failures to inform further attempts, until the goal is eventually within reach. Decidedly hardcore in difficulty but fair enough to encourage repeated play, this is an exercise in trial-and-error, where determination becomes its own reward.

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