Stay on Par With These Mario Golf: Super Rush Tips


    It’s been seven years since the red plumber and his friends last grabbed their bag of clubs and hit the courses of the Mushroom Kingdom. After Camelot stepped off the tennis court, the developer finally set up their tees for a grand return to the sport that started it all. Mario Golf: Super Rush is now available on the Nintendo Switch, and with it comes that familiar formula of the sport the series has held tight since its 8-bit origins with NES Open Tournament Golf. You may be a little rusty with your swings or have never been able to hit a hole-in-one, but these essential helpful tips will help you avoid those embarrassing triple-bogies and stay on par in Mario Golf: Super Rush!

    Seriously, Tee Off With The Single-Player
    Mario Golf: Super Rush Golf Adventure Mode

    It may sound redundant, to say the least, but rather than diving straight into any of the three standard golf modes, newcomer and veteran Mario Golf players should absolutely embrace the game’s single-player for its first hour or two. Not only will the Golf Adventure mode introduce audiences to the new game types included in Mario Golf: Super Rush, but it will also inform them on how to thoroughly use all of the title’s core mechanics coherently. If you are the type of player that does not understand the differences between clubs or want to learn the basics of golf for the first time, Golf Adventure offers a substantial entry point into the sport as it never misses a beat on teaching the basics. However, the single-player story also offers the only time in the game in which the brand new mechanic of full-powered shot risks is introduced for veterans — no, longtime players, your landings for going full power are not just randomized. And speaking of…

    Full-Powered Shots Work Differently This Time

    Peruse The In-Game Golf Guide
    Mario Golf: Super Rush Main Menu Tips

    Like the prior entries, Mario Golf: Super Rush centers itself around legitimate golf terminology rather than fictional names and ideas for the core gameplay. There is an overwhelming amount of golf jargon for casual players to drown in, however, Nintendo has smartly included a simple addition on the main menu and pause screen of the Golf Adventure mode known as the “Golf Guide”. The instructions are split into two separate categories: Golf Controls and Golf Lingo. As to be expected by the names, while Golf Controls teaches you how to play with the basics and expert skills of the game, Golf Lingo is a handbook of all the terminology. Whether you want to know the differences between the available clubs or what words such as “albatross” or “backswing” mean, Golf Lingo has every single definition and explanation you need at any time. Best of all, the definitions have all been placed in alphabetical order so finding specific words is no hassle!

    Topspin and Backspin to Victory

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