Stardew Valley, A Popular Farming Simulator Game, Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass


    Naomi Diaz August 11th, 2021 – 4:21 PM

    Stardew Valley, A Popular Farming Simulator Game, Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass

    Starwdew Valley, a popular farming simulator game with RPG mechanics that has been quite popular on the Nintendo Switch, is now coming to Xbox Game Pass. The news was revealed on August 10 during a Twitch gaming showcase that listed all the new games that would be heading to Xbox Game Pass, including this beloved simulation role-playing game, Aragami 2, Evil Genius 2, and Pupparazzi. Although a formal date has not yet been announced, Eric Barone, the creator of the game, has stated that he expects Starwdew Valley to join the Xbox Game Pass library sometime “this Fall.”

    Starwdew Valley was first released on PC in 2016 and players quickly flocked to the game–this allowed Starwdew Valley to expand its horizons, soon becoming a title released to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in late 2016. The popularity of the game never died down afterward as the game continued to launch on other platforms like the Nintendo Switch, Vita, iOS, and Andriod. The retention of an avid following has led Starwdew Valley to obtain an impressive 700,000 active players, according to industry analyst Superdata Research.

    For those unfamiliar with the gameplay for Starwdew Valley, it goes as follows: you’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot, tools, and a few coins as you begin a new life creating the farm of your dreams. You will learn how to live off the land by fishing, raising animals, tending to crops, and crafting various items to help you expand your farm. You will also have the opportunity to become a part of a community, meet new townsfolk, date, and even start a family of your own. Starwdew Valley has also received a major 1.5 update recently that includes splitscreen co-op play. Will you be downloading Starwdew Valley once it hits the Xbox Game Pass library?


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