Sony’s PS5 Awards Might Be Better Than Xbox Achievements Right Now

If you are a fan of collecting PS5 AwardsLike me, Sony The upcoming PlayStation 5 system update It gives shiny virtual prizes some much-needed care and attention. In fact, I think they have now surpassed the achievements of Xbox in terms of functionality and attractiveness.

First of all, it is now possible to do it be seen Your prizes easily. Fortunately, Sony backed away from its short-sighted decision to make the prize list for each game horizontal, cutting out information on each prize, and turning navigating your collection into a miserable experience as well.

Much like it was working PS4, the trophy menu is now rendered vertically (thank goodness) – as a result it looks infinitely better. It’s also easy to see when you open a particular trophy, along with its rarity.

(Image credit: Sony)

The next change, albeit a small one, is that you can now access the rewards in the middle of the game a little faster. Next PS5 The system update (still in beta) allows you to customize the PS5 Game Center, which appears when you press the PlayStation button. This means that you can now move your profile closer to the left side, meaning that it takes fewer steps and button presses before you can merrily pursue your prize locker.

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