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The dust has settled from E3 2021, and there were some clear frontrunners in terms of who put on the best showcases. Some had only a few new titles to show off or had segments that left viewers scratching their heads. Others blew the house down with non-stop reveals and established themselves as big players. That’s why they earned the places they did in this rundown of who won E3 2021. Let’s rank every showcase ranked from worst to best.

12. Gearbox

Every E3 2021 Showcase Ranked

Every E3 2021 Showcase Ranked

It’s pretty unfortunate, but Gearbox’s presentation wasn’t nearly as good as their show back in 2019.

Admittedly, Gearbox did have impressive titles to show off in the likes of Wonderlands and Tribes of Midgard. The only problem was, said titles had already been shown off at other showcases, leaving their reveals at the Gearbox showcase feeling lackluster and unneeded. This left the pressure to succeed on a Godfall DLC announcement and some behind-the-scenes bits for the Borderlands movie, which felt awkward at best and unneeded at worst.

We’ll give Gearbox credit for putting on a showcase in spite of the past year, but it was definitely at the bottom compared to other presentations.

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