Samsung’s latest Odyssey monitors drop the curves of flat screens


    (credit: Samsung)

    Samsung expands its PC gaming screen Sequence with three new models.

    Products are part of Samsung Epic a series. But this time, its latest screens are dropping curved display panels for flat screens.

    first model Odyssey G7G70A28 inch screen with 4K pixel resolution. The screen features a 144Hz refresh rate, a Vesa-certified HDR400 color gamut and a 1ms response time.

    Comes with file Viewport 1.4 HDMI 2.1 slot and two ports. As a result, the screen will display up to 120 . upgrade rate PlayStation 5 أو Xbox Series X.

    Below is a layer Odyssey G5G50A27-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 pixels. The screen refresh rate has been raised to 165Hz, but the color gamut has been lowered to HDR10. Other ports at risk: Comes with only one 1.2-slot display port and one HDMI 2.0 connector.

    With both the G70A and the G50A, you can create a second virtual screen within the screen, allowing you to play games and chat with friends at the same time.

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    It is located at the lower end Odyssey G3G30AThe screen comes with a resolution of 1080 pixels in sizes of 24 or 27 inches. The product communicates with HDR technology, but has an upscaling rate of 144Hz. All three monitors are compatible with Nvidia G-Sync و AMD FreeSync Technique.

    (credit: Samsung)

    Samsung has not announced pricing or the exact availability of the displays. We’ve reached out to the company and will update the story if we ask it again. The current Odyssey G7, 27-inch curved screen, he goes Vs. 99699.

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