Rumour: PlayStation 5 Pro launching late 2023-2024



It’s said to offer 4K/8K gaming with a rather steep price tag.

Last generation was unique as both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One got heavily upgraded halfway through with PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Most people assume the same thing will happen this generation as well, and now we’ve seen a sign that this just might be the case.

According to a new report from the usually reliable tech-site Wccftech, Sony plans on releasing a PlayStation 5 Pro late 2023-2024. PlayStation 4 Pro was released almost exactly three years after PlayStation 4 was launched, and if Sony uses the same strategy this time, we should get the updated model in November 2023. This time, we can look forward to more powerful CPU/GPU from AMD that delivers 4K/8K gaming with a price tag of up to $700.

Don’t expect to hear anything about this new PlayStation 5 model tomorrow during Sony’s showcase, but at least this rumour might serve as a sign of things to come as nothing about this story sounds unlikely at all, but rather in line with what we did expect.

Rumour: PlayStation 5 Pro launching late 2023-2024

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