Riders Republic open beta is available for all until 28th August


    After a few days with access for just invited players, the Riders Republic beta is now open for all PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers until 28th August.


    The beta includes a big slice of the game’s content, with the opening hour helping to get you into the swing of things with characters Suki and Brett leading you through your first few events in BMX racing, skiing and snowboarding.

    Riders Republic also includes a bombastic new Mass Start event type, which throws up to 64 players down the mountains all at once. Everyone starts at exactly the same time, and it’s a do and fail miserably race to the end across multiple sports. The 64-player version is supported on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, with PS4 and Xbox One players limited to matches of less than half that.

    We went hands on with the beta early and had an absolute riot. You can find our full Riders Republic preview here, but to give you a sneak peak, I wrote:

    “Chaos. That’s what Riders Republic feels like half the time. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you’re doing in this game, there are going to be dozens of other people zipping around doing their own thing. It’s like going for a nice stroll through the park, but there’s people bursting out from behind every tree, darting through the bushes, dancing on the picnic tables and a rowdy group in fancy dress making a right fool out of themselves in the children’s play area.”

    Riders Republic will be out on 28th October.

    As general advisory note, Ubisoft is still dealing with the fallout from widespread allegations of toxic workplace culture and harassment that has been rife through many of its studios. While Ubisoft pledged to make changes in the summer of 2020 and ousted several senior executives, one year on they are facing new lawsuits and government probes into workplace conditions at some of their studios.


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