Puzzle platformer Out of Line launches on Nintendo Switch


    Hatinh Interactive and developer Nerd Monkeys has announced the release of their hand-drawn puzzle platformer Out of Line on Nintendo Switch in Europe.  Fellow gamers in North America will be able to purchase the game on Switch on 18th August.  This enchanting story has been inspired by Studio Ghibli, modern philosophy and impressionist art and will take players on an adventure to discover the value of freedom.  You can watch the new launch trailer below…


    In Out of Line take a journey as San as he sets out on a quest to escape the factory and its tyrannical ruling to seek the freedom of the mysterious outside world.  To help San on the quest, players will be able to make use of the Spear of Light which serves multiple functions such as springboard, lever, foothold, tether and more.

    As players progress through one beautiful level after another the puzzles will become increasingly difficult and it will be necessary to think outside the box to get past them.


    • Dozens of visually impressive puzzles.
    • Master the mysterious Spear of Light.
    • Interact with stunning hand-drawn levels.
    • Meet strange characters and learn from them.
    • Uncover the mystery of San’s story.

    Out of Line is an intelligent and poetic quest for identity told through a collection of interactive masterpieces,” says Francisco Santos, Lead Artist at Nerd Monkeys. “It pushes artistic innovation beyond pixels, inviting players to relax and reflect as they guide San toward liberty.”

    Out of Line is available now on Nintendo Switch in Europe, a North American release will arrive on 18th August.  PC gamers are able to download now from Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, Humble and more and a Xbox One, PS4 version will release later this year.

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