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    A lot of companies are jumping on the customizable keyboard trend these days. Whether it’s a mechanical or optical one, you want any keyboard with RGB in it to look and feel unique. Now, Razer throws their hat into the mix to offer a full customization experience, spearheaded by the Razer Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set.

    Within the upgrade set, Razer includes a combined stealth and pudding design with their keycaps . From a pudding design perspective, they’ve created keycaps with a translucent sidewall to make the RGB lighting effect stand out. Meanwhile, the stealth aspect kicks in when you decide to turn the RGB off, with a cool, legendless effect. All of these come in a 128-keycap set, with your choice of either black or white keycaps.

    The other option Razer has on their hands comes in both a keycap set with a cable upgrade. As the name suggests, the Razer PBT Keycap + Coiled Cable Upgrade Set comes with customization options beyond the keycaps. Along with the durable PBT keycaps, they’ve included a coiled USB-C to USB-A cable with a braided fiber design. For this set, it comes in four colors: Razer Green, Classic Black, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink.

    These upgrade sets are available on the offical Razer website, Razer Stores and authorized retailers. The Razer Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set retails for US$ 34.99, while the Razer PBT + Coiled Cable Upgrade Set retails for US$ 49.99.

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