Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl gets massive graphics upgrade & fans love it


    The Pokemon community was blown away when a new version of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl was shown off during the Nintendo Switch OLED reveal trailer. Fans were stunned by the Sinnoh remakes’ graphical overhaul.

    When Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl was announced in February, the project’s debut trailer sparked mixed reactions. Fans were torn over the RPG’s chibi art style which some found to be a step back for the series. 

    Many fears were put to rest when new footage of the Sinnoh remakes appeared during the Nintendo Switch OLED announcement that showed a massive improvement to the graphics.


    Pokemon fans blown away by Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl upgrade

    Nintendo took the industry by surprise when they randomly dropped the announcement trailer for the Switch OLED model on July 6. And tucked away in the trailer was a new look at Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

    Pokemon fans immediately noticed how different the remakes looked compared to their reveal back in February. The project now had overhauled lighting, desaturated color, and noticeably better textures in the environment.

    Serebii’s Joe Merrick posted side-by-side images of the old and new build on Twitter which sparked a discussion about the remakes. Players took to social media to express their joy of the game’s snappier look.


    Many in the Pokemon community were floored by the new changes, such as one user who wrotem “It looks so much cleaner and nicer. And it has a much softer feel to it. This was more than I was expecting.” Another exclaimed, “These feel like completely different shots, damn.” 

    One player even listed out the things they loved about the graphical update. “Touched up textures on the grass, cliffs, and grounds; new trees and bushes; improved lighting and coloration. Looks much better.” Many simply just gushed over the new footage. “I love this so much, my major problem with the game was colors AND IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY.”


    Pokemon fans react to Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl graphics upgrade

    The discussion quickly went viral and even begin trending worldwide on the social media site. While we have yet to see what the game looks like in the overworld section, studio ILCA appears to have won over many fans with how much the game’s graphics have changed in the battle screen.

    Only time will tell if the Pokemon community ends up loving the final retail version of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. One thing is for certain, the reactions to the new footage are drastically more positive than the reaction the reveal trailer got back in February. If nothing else, this is the perfect example of how much a game can change in development – even just six months before release.


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