PlayStation hints at next-gen GTA 5 version in a new trailer


    PlayStation recently released a trailer for the PS5 and PS4, and tucked GTA 5 in there as well. Fans spotted at least two sequences from the popular game, which looked different from the its usual aesthetics.

    Rockstar Games had previously announced an enhanced and expanded version of GTA 5 for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. As fans await the arrival of GTA 6, this came in as the least bit of consolation. However, there hasn’t been any update on the title since its announcement.

    The developers of GTA 5 have been silent about what’s happening in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which has made fans curious. They have no idea what is going to arrive with the so-called ‘expanded and enhanced’ version of the game. Whether they are in for a DLC or just graphical updates is still uncertain.

    However, with the latest PlayStation trailer, fans can be atleast assured that the next-gen GTA 5 version certainly looks a lot better.

    GTA 5 has a next-gen version with better graphics

    PlayStation has assured fans that the next-gen version of GTA 5 is close to a release. The two segments from the trailer were included amongst other next-gen games, such as FIFA 22, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Hogwarts Legacy, and more.

    All the titles in the trailer are supposed to have much better graphics than the previous versions, including the implementation of ray tracing and better resolutions. With GTA 5 included among these titles, it only makes sense that Rockstar is almost on the verge of releasing the game’s much-awaited next-gen version.

    Details on the next-gen GTA 5 version

    Rockstar Games hasn’t divulged much on the upcoming GTA 5 upgrade. However, the two things that were clear from the new trailer was that it certainly looks livelier with better explosions. Moreover, the render distance is also increased along with reduction in rendering time.

    Unfortunately, for more details, fans will have to wait until winter. Rockstar might release a full-length trailer sometime around November 11.

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