review: Top features for upcoming mobile cloud gaming platform


    A new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is set to be released by a mobile cloud company,

    This is the world’s first-ever PaaS platform that utilizes the Arm Android servers model, nowCloud OS, to enable game developers to incorporate their titles into the existing Android apps and help build cloud-native in the future.

    The main aim of is to remove the previous constraints posed by low-end mobile devices by uniting every single mobile gamer under the same umbrella. With, game developers worldwide can easily release their titles on a single platform, from where users can enjoy their favorite games with just a single tap.

    Top features of


    The real-time loading mechanics in the games (Image via took a similar initiative in creating Stadia. Stadia is a cloud platform that allows players worldwide to play their favorite titles without downloading them. But what made it much more appealing is the accessibility to any and every title that adopted the cloud platform.

    Similarly, will showcase all the existing and new titles released by the partnered game developers in one app.

    Freedom of pay

    While many games have microtransaction features, players from particular regions worldwide are often unable to pay with their domestic payment method.

    But, gives users freedom of purchase through various in-app payment methods. They can pay through any digital wallet, game top-ups, and cryptocurrency. With this, the constraint of individual regions unable to make purchases is eradicated.

    Ease of sharing

    Previously, to share gameplay, users had to go through many rigorous processes of streaming. But with, anyone can share their game with another person with a single tap.

    Users can even play games through on third-party apps, such as Discord and Snapchat, without leaving the platform.

    Strong story-driven titles

    The loading screen of Disney Heroes Battle Mode (Image via game.

    This shows the true potential that can harness by bringing all the potential titles under one banner.

    While these are the main focus behind the making of the mobile cloud platform,, it surely will bring much more to the table as the world awaits its release. With leading game developers such as Perfect World, PerBlue, and Lilith Games adopting for future releases, more developers are sure to follow.

    Edited by Ravi Iyer

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