Nintendo requests ROM site to destroy games or face legal action

Mario hits a big hammer down.

picture: Nintendo / Kotaku

RomUniverse, a website where people can download pirated copies of various Nintendo games and even pay a premium for faster downloads, He was sued into oblivion back in May this year. But Nintendo hasn’t finished filing a lawsuit against the site for $2.1 million. In new court documents, a judge has ordered the site’s owner to destroy all of its Nintendo ROMs or face legal consequences.

Nintendo first sued RomUniverse in 2019 What her lawyers called “a brazen and collective abuse.” Nintendo won that lawsuit in May and was awarded $2.1 million in damages, which RomUniverse owner Matthew Strowman will pay out in monthly payments of $50. At least in theory. However, in July, Nintendo is back in court after Storman fails to pay his first $50. The game’s publisher requested a permanent injunction against Storman because he feared he might be willing to bring the site back online. And now there’s more.

As I spotted it TorrentFreakNow, the judge has issued an injunction for Nintendo after taking another look at the case and Storman’s ongoing actions.

Court now ordered Strowman “To permanently destroy all unauthorized Nintendo games or other unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s intellectual property including movies, books, and music.” Judge Strowman gave until August 17, 2021, to comply, and until August 20 to file a declaration in court to verify that he followed the judge’s orders. If he does not, he may face a perjury charge.

Also as a result of this new injunction, which was filed late last week in US District Court, Storman can no longer distribute, copy, sell or even play unauthorized Nintendo ROMs. It is also prohibited to use any of the Nintendo trademarks or logos. Really, the site can’t get a break from Nintendo, can it?



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