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NBA 2K22 is coming out this week on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo platforms, with none early entry.

So for anybody hoping to leap in early, there will likely be no queue-hopping in relation to the most important basketball video games launch this year.

Unlike prior to now, everybody who buys a duplicate of NBA 2K22 will get entry concurrently, though future assist most likely received’t be unified.

Most NBA 2K updates are launched relying on the platform, which means that PS4 and Xbox One get totally different patches to these on next-gen.

This is often all the way down to the totally different content material obtainable, and the final platforms that get updates are often PC and Nintendo.

The City will stay the next-gen vacation spot for gamer, whereas the Neighourhood will stay the hang-out of these on PS4 and Xbox One.

Both have obtained updates, with 2K offering new quests for individuals who are planning on exploring the City limits, telling followers this week:

“Players of open-world RPGs will be familiar with the type of vibe we’re going for. You’re not just taken from cut scene to cut scene. Instead, you choose who to talk to and when triggering tons of unique interactions with interesting personalities filmed in a cinematic style.

“It’s a lot of fun to play, and allows us to add more narrative beats and story arcs than ever before, deepening the feeling of living in a real, breathing world.

Not only will things happen to you that are outside of your control, just like in real life, but the choices you make, in everything from play style to interview responses, unlock mini-story arcs and rewards that tailor the experience to what’s going on in your MyPLAYER’s career.”

Meanwhile, these heading to the Neighbourhood might want to put together their sea legs as they are going to be located on a ship.

The ship is constructed with 5 tiers, beginning within the foyer on Deck 4, with NPC Heather prepared to help you with navigating the ship and providing tutorials to assist accommodate your keep.


It’s been confirmed that the NBA 2K22 release date has been set for Friday, September 10, 2021.

As talked about above, there isn’t any early entry interval for this year’s release on any platform.

There can be no new demo to play at first begins, so September 10 would be the time everybody will get entry.

No release time has been introduced for when NBA 2K22 will likely be playable on Friday, however based mostly on earlier launches it may very well be obtainable by Midnight EDT.

More may very well be revealed by the 2K22 crew as we get nearer to launch throughout PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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