My Time at Portia Headed to iOS and Android in August 2021

First released on the Windows PC in 2019 before heading to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later that year, developer Pathea Games managed to resist the appeal of bringing their action-RPG simulation game My Time at Portia to mobile devices… at least until August this year. The company has confirmed that mobile gamers on iOS and Android platforms will be able to head to Portia from August 4th worldwide.

In My Time at Portia, players will be able to travel to the titular town, where they are tasked with restoring the glory of human civilization on an unfamiliar land. In the process of becoming a seasoned builder, players will form bonds with the townsfolk and understand the buried truth of this post-apocalyptic world. 

My Time at Portia Headed to iOS and Android in August 2021 1

The mobile version of My Time at Portia will be the original game, albeit with some “mobile-specific upgrades” and what is listed as “surprises for new and returning adventurers”. Other key upgrades include a cleaner, simpler interface – including a full touchscreen and an UI redesign. For players who have been asking for more streamlined play, the mobile version will have many shortcuts and ways to save time for players, helping builders speed up their pace and develop their dream town faster. Players will also experience new manual and auto-save functions.

You can pre-order/pre-register My Time at Portia Mobile via the App Store and Google Play Store. Key promoted features of the game are listed below:

My Time at Portia Headed to iOS and Android in August 2021 2

Enjoying the fun of building and operating a 3D workshop

Gather materials from every corner of the map, and experience the joys of progressing and transforming from manual labor to industrialized automation. As the latest builder in town, take up new responsibilities and contribute to the town of Portia and its people by honing your craftsmanship. From a basic sewing machine to a high-tech flying seat, players must build everything with their own hands. If players wish to develop animal husbandry, they can raise farm animals and even ride an alpaca! 

My Time at Portia Headed to iOS and Android in August 2021 3

Become friends… or fall in love with fellow Portians

The town of Portia has over 50 interactable non-player characters (NPCs). Develop and deepen your relationships with them, and they may provide you with unexpected help. Players can swing or ride a hot air balloon with their favorite NPC to strengthen the relationship. When everything falls into place, players can tie the knot, have children, and experience the hard work and joys of parenthood. 

My Time at Portia Headed to iOS and Android in August 2021 4

Engage in challenging battles and embark on adventures

Hone fighting skills, defeat terrifying monsters of post-apocalyptic ruins, and unearth the truth of the former world buried beneath.

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