Microsoft to Launch 2022 Exclusives on Xbox One Using Cloud Streaming; Redfall, Starfield, and More!

    Microsoft to Launch 2022 Exclusives on Xbox One Using Cloud Streaming
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    Microsoft recently announced that it would release 2022 exclusives on Xbox One by using a powerful hardware: cloud streaming.

    Xbox Series consoles are hard to find, but that does not mean that Xbox One owners have to throw their consoles away.

    It is time to celebrate because Microsoft assured users that there is no need to worry. The tech company will release some of the most significant next-generation titles on Xbox One!

    Microsoft and Xbox One: Cloud Streaming

    Xbox One was released in 2013, but it is still a robust gaming console after eight years. And according to a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft mentioned that some of the exclusive sets for 2022 would require the capacity of Xbox Series S and X.

    But to make it up to Xbox One users, they can still access these sets by using Xbox Cloud Gaming to run on their eight-year-old consoles.

    Microsoft said that it would utilize Xbox Cloud Gaming to bring various features to Xbox One, such as the “Microsoft Flight Simulator.”

    According to CNET, the simulator will be available on June 21 for Xbox Series S and X console.

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    2022 Features: Games

    What seems to excite Xbox One owners is that they will have access to numerous games.

    According to reports, the tech giantb revealed during its E3 2021 presentation that it has a lineup of games that will entice users to play more. However, the company has not yet mentioned how many games will be added to Xbox One’s Cloud Gaming.

    In the Xbox Wire post, it is stated that players will witness numerous games this holiday season. Players will get their hands on “Forza Horizon 5,” which boasts DirectX ray-tracing for Xbox Series S and X.

    Another game that will excite users is “Battlefield 2042,” which will have 60fps while supporting 128 players on the Xbox Series S and X.

    The post also mentioned other games for 2022 that will come from Xbox’s first-party partners and studios. Games such as “Redfall,” “Starfield,” and “Stalker 2” will require the speed, technology, and performance of the Xbox Series S, and X will be available on Xbox One.

    According to EuroGamer, the development is interesting for the eight-year-old Xbox One because it will extend the console’s life expectancy by being a cloud gaming platform.

    The company has also confirmed that it is now in the final stages of tweaking and updating its data centers all over the world to match with Xbox Series X. Microsoft added that as a result, gamers would experience quicker loading times, better frame rates, and optimized gameplay.

    There will be over one billion users from 26 different countries who will have the chance to play using the cloud on the world’s most powerful console — throughout browsers, apps, PCs, tablets, and Xboxes.

    It is safe to say that Xbox One users can still enjoy their consoles despite its age. And now, they can use it to play exclusive games that are usually available in newer gadgets.

    So, don’t throw your Xbox One just yet — you might be surprised with what Microsoft has in store for you.

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