Microsoft criticizes Sony’s strategy for its PlayStation exclusives

Microsoft recently criticized Sony for retaining exclusivity of its games for its PS5 and not providing enough benefit to PC users.

All this … without naming the Japanese giant.

Phil Spencer, Xbox branch manager, spoke recently at a conference hosted by Microsoft.

He recalled that his company is releasing its new video games on PC, Xbox and xCloud at the same time.

These also include the Xbox Game Pass “day one”, reports



Too high a price for late games

Quite the opposite of Sony, which released its PlayStation exclusives on PC years after their arrival on console.

In addition, very few PlayStation exclusives subsequently released on PC.

Not only does Microsoft’s competition not offer its exclusives until several years later, but in addition the price is high, denounces Phil Spencer.

However, Phil Spencer seems to forget that “the Xbox exclusives have not always been compatible” day one “with Windows,” recalls Phonandroid.

We also remember that Microsoft has one foot in the world of consoles with Xbox and another in the world of PCs with its operating system.

No wonder they don’t forget about gamers with computers.


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