Microsoft could relaunch the “Killer Instinct” franchise

Phil Spencer, vice president of the gaming division at Microsoft, says: 

Killer Instinct

is a license that matters to the Richmond firm. The publisher had also financed a reboot of the Rare franchise on Xbox One, in 2013. Entrusted to the small studio Double Helix, the project had received a very warm welcome from critics on its release. However, he suffered a curious setback when Amazon took over the Double Helix studio. Microsoft then turned to another studio to ensure the development of updates. Iron Galaxy had brilliantly taken over the reins until he embarked on another project … Since then, the series has been abandoned.

For Phil Spencer, the question is not whether

or not

Killer Instinct

should return, but to find the right partner, with the right timing.

“Matt Booty and I have talked a lot about

Killer Instinct

and where we’d like to go with the franchise,” says Phil Spencer in an interview.

There are so many great games in our catalog that we would love to revisit.

The feedback we received on the release of

Killer Instinct

was fantastic.

We really like the franchise.

If Microsoft has a stable of more than 23 studios, none specializes in fighting games.

In case of reboot, it would therefore necessarily go through an external studio.

Unless, of course, that the American giant announces a new acquisition.


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