Metroid Dread’s Overview Trailer Gives Us a Final Look At Samus and the Perils She’ll Face

Alex Levine September 10th, 2021 – 10:52 PM

Metroid Dread’s Overview Trailer Gives Us a Final Look At Samus and the Perils She’ll Face

We’re in the final stretch here, with only a few short weeks remaining until Metroid Dread launches. The highly anticipated title for Nintendo is slated to release on October 8 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, and the company has unveiled an awesome Overview Trailer to catch us all up. Nintendo perfectly captures what kind of dangers Samus will be going through, as well as some excellent gameplay that we’re all in for.

This new trailer really brings things into a serious perspective. It shows off all of the enemies that Samus will have to take down in one way or another, and it’s also very informative. The trailer starts off with a narrator detailing Samus’s mission where she travels to the planet ZDR, showing a massive map that any of the older fans will instantly recognize as a picture perfect Metroidvania style map. We then see Samus moving around in some new gameplay, which looks absolutely gorgeous. Samus also shows off some of her trademark abilities, all of which will bee instrumental for her to complete the mission.

The freighting robot enemy, dubbed the EMMI, will force Samus to use some stealth mechanics for the first time. The trailer also shows that there are more than one type of EMMI, all of which have their own unique abilities and traits. However, they all share the same goal, to kill Samus. If Samus is caught by a single EMMI, then it’s game over. We then see a brief glimpse of some of the bosses that Samus will have to content with, some small and some very large. The trailer also brings in the mysterious Chozo race, which has been an important part of the entire Metroid franchise. The trailer finishes with the signature amiibo’s, all of which give players a boost in some form or capacity.

Ever since it was officially revealed at Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct, players have been frothing at the mouth to get back into the 2D exploring atmosphere of the original Metroid storyline. We won’t have to wait too much longer to get our hands on this one. Metroid Dread will officially launch on October 8 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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