Metroid Dread Teases Kraid, Mysterious New Enemies


    Jack Finger August 28th, 2021 – 1:21 PM

    Metroid Dread Teases Kraid, Mysterious New Enemies

    Metroid: Dread is coming soon, and Nintendo has been drip-feeding us information at a steady rate. Plenty of blog-posts have shed light on the game leading up to its release, but this latest bit of news will definitely make longtime Metroid fans excited. In the game’s latest trailer, Samus is shown facing off against Kraid: a classic Metroid boss who’s remained a fan favorite ever since his first appearance in the very first Metroid. The gigantic alien hasn’t been seen in 17 years after being killed in Metroid: Zero Mission on the Gameboy Advance, but he’ll be back again in Metroid: Dread. 

    This trailer also gave us some more footage of a strange, bird-like enemy that players will be facing off against. The thing also looks to be wearing power armor similar to Samus’s own and the mysterious hieroglyphics that have been showing up in the game’s promotional art. We don’t get much solid information about the creature beyond the fact that it towers over Samus (who’s canonically 6’3″), but we do know that it’s scary enough to put our favorite bounty hunter on the ropes, so much so that it’s the catastrophe that takes all her nifty upgrades away at the start of the game, according to a blog post from Nintendo. This blog post also confirms that this thing is indeed a Chozo, one of the technologically advanced bird people that raised Samus.

    Although these particular aliens have been important to the lore of Metroid for decades, Metroid: Dread marks the first game that they will actually physically appear in. Alongside this “Chozo Warrior,” as the blogpost calls it, Samus will have to fight against machines which take the form of, you guessed it, more Chozos it looks like gamers should start getting ready to fry some chicken.

    Alongside these frightening foes, Metroid: Dread’s newest trailer showed off new environments, skills, and even some notably less frightening foes. Samus is shown firing at an eel-looking fish underwater and using a nifty new air-dash ability. The move looks like it will deal damage to some enemies when it passes through them as it carries Samus gracefully through the air. Players can even use it more than once to swing her back-and-forth.


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