Looks like Spelunky 1 and 2 launch on Nintendo Switch this month

Mine, all mine. 

It looks like the brilliant Spelunky and its sequel will both come to Nintendo Switch on 26th August.

Aussie site Vooks.net first spotted the new release date on the Nintendo Switch eShop. We’ve checked and same date also shows on the UK eShop here.

The original Spelunky is priced at £8.99. Spelunky 2 will cost £17.99. We knew both were set for Switch this summer, but not when.

It’s odd to see this date now, rather than last night during Nintendo’s packed indie presentation which detailed many other upcoming games. But hey, both games are great – won’t complain.

Spelunky 2 first launched last September for PC and PlayStation. There’s no word yet on a launch for Xbox.

“A legendary game gets a legendary sequel,” Christian Donlan wrote in Eurogamer’s Spelunky 2 review, deeming the game an essential purchase.

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