Join iPhone 12 to Xbox controller with Otterbox’s MagSafe gaming clip

Join iPhone to Xbox controller with Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe
Let the Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe connect your iPhone 12 to an Xbox controller.
Photo: Otterbox

Attach an iPhone 12 to a wireless Xbox controller with the Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe. Then you can easily play games on the handset.

Because it uses MagSafe, the iPhone clings magnetically to the clip or disconnects easily.

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iPhone and Xbox controllers can be friends

iOS lets gamers use an Xbox controller with an iPhone, especially with Apple Arcade games. And that includes the Xbox Cloud Gaming service for playing console-quality titles.

OtterBox made its clip to simply the hardware combination. Attach the clip to the game controller then let MagSafe hold the iPhone 12.

The clip is adjustable and designed to not interfere with the buttons and joysticks on the Xbox controller. It’s balanced to reduce stress on the user’s wrists. Plus, the accessory detaches to become a table-top stand for watching video.

Two versions of the Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip

Because the Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe requires magnets built into the iPhone 12 series, it’s only compatible with Apple’s latest handsets. But Otterbox already released a non-magnetic version that fits a wide range of other models.

On the other side of the coin, the accessory is compatible with the:

  • Xbox Series X|S Controller
  • Xbox One Controller
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The Otterbox website offers the Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe at $39.95. The earlier, non-magnetic version is $29.95 on

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