Jam-Packed Metroid Dread Trailer 2 Shows Deadly Foes


    Jam-Packed Metroid Dread Trailer 2 Shows Deadly Foes

    Nintendo has dropped Metroid Dread Trailer 2, an action-packed teaser showing dangerous foes. It’s also bursting with clips of a number of new and returning abilities for Samus to make use of. This epic new trailer comes alongside the release of Metroid Dread Report Vol. 6 on the official website. The next report will focus on the enigmatic Chozo race.

    Metroid Dread Trailer 2 reveals a dangerous new threat to Samus and her mission. What appears to be a heavily armored Chozo Warrior behaves in a very hostile manner. In fact, the report says Samus was attacked by this new foe in the opening of the game. The resulting damage to her suit causes her to lose all of her abilities. She must have bad luck, because it certainly isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened to her! Aside from this new threat, we also see some of the Chozo robots and a massive boss.

    Long-time Metroid fans will recognize the return of one of the original leaders of the Space Pirate armies in Metroid Dread. In a couple of scenes, we see Samus Aran facing off with a massive green monster looking very much like Kraid. This would be Kraid’s first 3D appearance in a mainline Metroid game.

    This imposing boss almost challenged Samus again in Metroid Prime, however that appearance was cut. However, Metroid Dread isn’t the monster’s first 3D appearance overall. A 3D Kraid appears in the Super Smash Bros. series (in the Brinstar Depths stage).

    Samus doesn't appear very scared as Kraid roars in her face in Metroid Dread.

    Samus doesn’t appear very scared as Kraid roars in her face in Metroid Dread.

    Samus’ Abilities New and Old

    Beyond Kraid, Metroid Dread Trailer 2 also shows off many new and returning abilities. One new ability is the cross bomb, which explodes in four directions. Furthermore, Metroid Dread Report Vol. 6 also hints at improved traversal abilities. They say Samus can now use the Speed Booster in conjunction with wall jumps and slides.

    Returning abilities include some of her Aeion abilities from Metroid: Samus Returns. One is the Pulse Radar, which reveals nearby hidden blocks and rooms on the map. The Flash Shift ability is also mentioned in the report. Plus, we see a few other returning abilities, including:

    • Grapple Beam
    • Ice Missiles
    • Screw Attack
    • Shinespark
    • Speed Booster
    • Storm Missiles (lock onto as many as 5 targets)

    The previous Metroid Dread trailer and reports hinted that the X parasites from Metroid Fusion might not be extinct after all. We won’t know until Samus’ latest mission launches into the encroaching dread on October 8th. It’s promising to be a very interesting adventure indeed!

    Nintendo has been dropping a new Metroid Dread Report about twice a month. The six reports on the official website so far have focused on

    • #6. Metroid Dread Trailer 2
    • #5. Samus’ Powers
    • #4. The 2D Metroid Saga Story Line
    • #3. Defining the 2D Metroid Saga
    • #2. The E.M.M.I.
    • #1: The reveal

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