is Arkane Lyon’s new FPS worth buying “Day One”?

Deathloop, the new FPS from French studio Arkane Lyon, is out in a few hours. Is it worth buying “Day One” or is it better to wait for the first tests? Here’s everything we know about the game.

Since its announcement in 2019, Deathloop has been highly anticipated by gamers. Published by Bethesda Softworks, it will be released September 14 on PC and PlayStation 5. This is actually not an Xbox exclusive like Starfield. The FPS developed by the French studio Arkane Lyon is not a shooter like the others. In Deathloop, ” two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious time loop on Blackreef Island, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity ».

Deathloop – Crédit : Bethesda Softworks

Players will therefore have to repeat several times on the same day, each time trying to learn more to succeed in finally breaking the loop. New weapons and skills to find during cycles will spice up the adventure and allow you to achieve devastating and delusional assassinations. The concept is original, but does Deathloop have enough to become a flagship game of the studio or will it be quickly forgotten after its release?

Deathloop’s gameplay is reminiscent of Dishonored, which promises almost certain success

First of all, we must not forget that the players have all the more hope that Deathloop is developed by Arkane Lyon, the French studio behind the excellent Dishonored series. The new official Deathloop trailer presented at the PlayStation Showcase last week allowed us to discover its gameplay. We immediately notice the similarities with Dishonored’s gameplay.

Fans of the franchise should therefore not be disappointed with Deathloop’s gameplay. For newbies, this is the perfect opportunity to discover an Arkane Lyon game. It may make you think of a Deus Ex, a System Shock from the 1990s or even to the hitman series. Indeed, Deathloop gives you the same freedom to choose your methods to achieve your goals.

If you are not yet convinced, multiplayer mode from Deathloop should decide to add the game to your “Day One” cart. A player can join your game and try to assassinate you by all means to prevent you from breaking the time loop.

Finally, Deathloop promises to be a one-of-a-kind FPS that should appeal to anyone who enjoys Dishonored’s gameplay. If you can get past the minor bugs and possible issues that it might encounter upon release, there is no reason not to purchase Deathloop “Day One”. For Xbox gamers, the FPS will be available in Game Pass on Xbox Series X and S in 2022.