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    In news that has me wishing I could reach for a cold, fresh beverage in a teeny tiny novelty fridge, Microsoft has announced that its highly-anticipated Xbox Mini Fridge will cop a worldwide release and won’t just be a US exclusive.

    The fridge — which initially started out as a meme within the Xbox community — was announced to be a very real product during last week’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021.

    In just one week, the video quickly amassed a whopping 3.75 million views on the initial reveal trailer, taking out the top spot for everything Xbox announced last week.

    I simply cannot stress just how ridiculous this is considering last week was, you know, E3. The GAMING conference.

    Instead of the top spot being taken out by one of the countless games announced during the event, everybody just wanted to watch a 1 minute video of a fridge. You cannot make this shit up.

    Aaron Greenberg, GM of Xbox Games Marketing (and fridge marketing, I guess), took to Twitter on Tuesday to comment on the ridiculousness of the situation.

    But in addition to asserting that the fridge is the “world’s most powerful mini-fridge,” he also confirmed the news we’ve all been waiting on for the last week: the fridge isn’t a US exclusive.

    Yes, you read that correctly. The Xbox Mini Fridge is copping a worldwide release.

    If you want to store 15 whole cans of drink in a fridge that matches your Xbox Series X, this is for you. Or who knows, maybe you haven’t been able to get your hands on the actual console yet and want to fool your friends with a lookalike.

    Either way, Microsoft has you covered.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft is yet to provide a price point for the highly-anticipated mini fridge, but we know it should be hitting shelves just in time for Christmas.

    We’ll be sure to update this story when an exact release date is announced.

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