Hunter’s Arena is a 30-Player Melee Battle Royale Hitting PS5 this August


    With Hunter’s Arena confirmed as one of August’s PlayStation Plus titles for both PS4 and PS5. As per the announcement trailer it presents a “ancient East Asian world” where Hunters fight demons and each other in a bid to survive. The 30-player battle royale will support both solo and trio play.

    Take a look.

    “Your ultimate goal in Hunter’s Arena is to fight your way through 30 other players and prove yourself as the deadliest Hunter,” writes Sanha Cho

    Project Manager, at developer Mantisco. “You must always plan out strategies before diving straight into the action – stay cautious, as at any moment you could become the hunted in this unyielding world.”

    With 17 different Hunters to choose from players will also be able to customise their look, going so far as to deck them our with neon and disco balls-as-weapons. It definitely looks like fun, though here’s hoping those melee juggle combos won’t stun-lock you into defeat.

    For more info – head here. Hunter’s Arena launches August 3.

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