Humankind Brings its Own Flavour of Civilization Style Strategy… And It’s Out Now


    I’ve been playing a bunch of Humankind on and off for the past week, and it’s been a pretty great dive back into the world of strategy. As an alternative to the sort of 4X strategy that the Civilization series has been at the forefront of since the days of the floppy disk it’s scope and detail is impressive. From SEGA and developer Amplitude Studios, Humankind presents its own flavour and it’s out now on PC.

    Where it’s also available via Xbox Game Pass in addition to Steam. Here’s the very cool launch trailer.

    With the action starting off in Neolithic era one of the big mechanics is the ability to mix and match various cultures. From there diplomacy, religion, military expansion, and other elements you’d expect to find are all here and in surprising detail. One of the cooler aspects of the game is its in-depth tutorial system which lessens the impact that comes from the information overload that comes from jumping into a brand-new 4X game — here the game outright states, “hey, don’t worry about this for now… focus on this instead”. And with games/runs being fairly streamlined — playing through multiple times to learn the ins and outs is a lot of fun.

    Stay tuned for our full review.

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