How to create a chatroom in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)


    Battlegrounds Mobile India (Early Access) is accessible to players around India. Battle royale enthusiasts who use iOS devices will have to wait though, as the game is not yet available on the Apple App Store.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India players usually like to interact with other battle royale mobile gamers. To encourage communication, players can create chatrooms where they can talk to players of the game.

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    Players have the option to create or join a chatroom. They must remember that they must reach Level 10 in order to create their own chatroom. Only one chatroom in Battlegrounds Mobile India can be created by a player.

    Players can follow the steps given below to join a chatroom in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

    1. Players need to open Battlegrounds Mobile India and click on the World Chat tab, located next to the Team recruitment tab.
    2. After entering the World Chat, players will need to click on the Chatroom icon in the bottom left corner.
    3. Players can then enter any chatroom of their choice.

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    Create a chatroom in Battlegrounds Mobile India

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