Golf Club: Wasteland Drops Official Announcement Trailer


    Naomi Diaz June 8th, 2021 – 1:18 PM

    Golf Club: Wasteland Drops Official Announcement Trailer

    Publisher Untold Tales alongside developer Demagog Studio have released the announcement trailer for Golf Club: Wasteland. The game will be released in August for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The premise of the game is centered around Earth being a desolate wasteland and the rich, who fled to Mars during the escapade, coming to the planet to use it as their very own golf course. Each hole will come with a small story attached that will ultimately piece together the entire narrative of how life on Earth became dismantled.

    A notable feature of the game is that the narrative will unfold from three different perspectives: a lone golfer, the “Radio Nostalgia From Mars” broadcast, and a “secret spectator.” In addition, Golf Club: Wasteland is designed as a side-scrolling puzzle hybrid game in which players must hit their golf balls through courses that involve moving components, hazards, and obstacles. This makes it more challenging as players have to configure how to hit the perfect shot in order to complete the course.

    There will also be three game modes within the 2D puzzle game. Story Mode is built for players who want to take the more scenic route through the game. Challenge Mode sets a par for each course and challenges players to come under the par. And lastly, the most difficult mode will be the Iron Mode which will provide little to no room for errors on each hole–making players really dig into their puzzle-solving intellect skills.

    Every copy of Golf Club: Wasteland will come with its very own digital soundtrack and graphic novel art book that expands on the backstory of the lone golfer, Charley. While there is no official release date for this unique game, a demo is said to be released in mid-June on Steam–so be prepared to put on your space suit to gear up for this new puzzling adventure.


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