Gioteck Xbox Accessories – AC2 Ammo Clip Charging Dock Review


    Manufacturer: Gioteck
    Where to Buy: Argos
    RRP: £19.99

    With the new Xbox consoles finally bedding in it was only a matter of time before the accessories made their way to the market. The new Xbox Series controllers seem a bit more hungry in battery consumption in my opinion and so a good solution to keep the gaming is always required.  Gioteck has come out with the AC2 Ammo Clip Charging Dock which is a pretty cool name for a docking station. I understand the thought process behind it as when your battery pack runs dry then you need more ammo – or in this case a new battery pack.

    This solution comes with a hexagonal charging dock which is about the size of the palm of an average adult hand. This is generally much more compact than many other charging docks I have or have seen which may be a blessing considering the size of the new Series X console. It also comes with 2 battery packs which a capacity of 600mAh which although aren’t the biggest around, will still last you for a good few sessions. It also contains a fast charging cable with the USB-A end plugging into your Xbox and the USB-C end into the hexagonal dock so it is very easy to set up.

    The battery packs themselves will replace the battery covers of your controller so you will need to keep them safely aside. They slide into the controller quite nicely and fit very tight so there will be no accidental slip outs of the battery pack. Then to charge you simply line up the controller with the dock which is simple enough and push to lock it into place. If you only have one controller you can also slide the battery pack into the dock to charge without a controller being attached, so it is ready to be swapped out when ready like a new ammo clip.

    When the battery packs are connected to the dock with or without a controller, the light on the dock will flash green. If only one battery pack is connected, only that half of the hexagon will flash green. Once the battery pack is fully charged the dock will stop flashing for that side. To eject the controller/battery pack from the dock is just a matter of pulling it out whilst holding the dock. To assist with this there is an eject button on top of the hexagonal dock which will push two plastic prongs towards the controller assisting in releasing it from the dock. But don’t worry those prongs will not damage the controller.

    So when looking for a new dock, the compact AC2 Ammo Clip is a good choice if you need to preserve some space on your shelf or unit. Granted it’s not as quick and easy to insert the controllers onto the dock and undock them as other docks but it’s by no means a struggle. It also means the slightest nudge won’t cause it to stop charging either which I have seen on other docks. It is also worth adding that the battery packs will not fit in the previous generations controllers.


    This stylish compact designed dock is a neat addition for Xbox Series owner. The battery packs fit nicely onto the controllers and the design fits the contours of the controller nicely that you wouldn’t instinctively know it’s a battery pack. With being just under £20 this dock will serve you well, preserve your space and keep your gaming locked and loaded with battery ammo.

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