Fast-paced FPS RICO London arriving on PC and consoles this September


    Numskull Games and developer Ground Shatter will be releasing their fast-paced FPS RICO London on 2nd September on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.  In this ode to arcade games of times past, players will travel back to the turn of the millennium where they will take on the notorious and violent gangs that run London’s sinister underworld.  A new announcement trailer showing the cel-shaded action can be seen below…


    In RICO London, follow D.I. Redfern and her partner Ahmad Khan through a high-rise building in the heart of London to wipe out the huge criminal gang that threatens the safety of the city.

    Go solo or join a friend either online or local (plus table-top mode for Switch players) and kick down doors, defuse bombs and tackle intense hostage situations. Use the game’s slo-mo mechanic to clear rooms and win encounters with gun wielding thugs.


    Each level will award medals and these can be used as currency with which to purchase new supplies such as med-kits, items to reduce recoil, health restores and movie inspired weapons, including the Lockstock sawn-off shotgun, Golden Eye 1911 sidearm, or Yippee-ki-yay SMG.


    As well as the in-depth story mode, RICO London also features a Daily Play mode that brings a fresh challenge to players everyday.  Completing this challenge will provide a highscore, giving players a chance to compare their performance with others around the world.


    RICO London will launch in Europe on 2nd September  digitally on Xbox and Steam stores, as well as both physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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