F1 2021 PC Performance Boosted up to 65% at 4K resolution of NVIDIA DLSS


    F1 2021 is now officially available on PC and consoles. For a complete review of the game, check out Chris’ opinion; here, however, we will focus on the PC performance enabled by NVIDIA DLSS for all gamers using a GeForce RTX GPU.

    According to NVIDIA, the frame rate improves by up to 65% when playing in 4K resolution. From the RTX 3070 GPU upwards, all graphics cards allow more than 60FPS with maximum settings.

    Avengers PC game shows visible differences between AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS upscaling, Necromunda: Hired gun does not

    NVIDIA also shared a brief comparison of video games of the F1 2021 with NVIDIA DLSS enabled and disabled. For some reason, however, the implementation of NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology in this game leaves much to be desired; to begin with, it is not possible to select different DLSS presets from the settings, and the official benchmark linked above suggests that the F1 2021 has DLSS locked in Performance Mode with an output resolution of 4K. Moreover, the difference between DLSS Performance Mode at 4K and native is almost indistinguishable in other games, but the same cannot be said about F1 2021.

    The F1 2021 also supports raytracing technology on next-generation consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S | X) and PC, which the developers had revealed in a recent interview with Wccftech. Specifically, the game uses raytraced reflections and shadows to further enhance its visuals in clipped scenes, repetitions, Photo Mode and inside frontend

    For Codemasters, the use of reflections and shadows has been particularly important with significant resources invested in higher quality power settings and bespoke techniques. Now they have taken the next logical step and upgraded to beam tracking and added reflections and shadows in real time.

    With beam tracking, all surrounding details are accurately reflected on each car and on windows, water surfaces and other metallic game elements that previously lacked reflections or contained simple dice cards. Now everyone is reflecting on the world around them and improving fidelity and realism. And with ray-traced shadows, existing shadows are enhanced with more accurate details that naturally soften and sharpen, and many more smaller game elements now cast shadows, further enhancing the realism and quality of circuits, cars, and other game elements.

    Did you get the F1 2021 yet? If so, do you enjoy it? Let us know below.

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