Evening Reading – August 31, 2021


    Good evening, Shacknews, it’s night time, which means it’s time for Evening Reading. Let’s officially close out our day of posting. Please take a look.

    In case you missed it at Shacknews:

    And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

    Your daily dose of sudoku

    Quite a funny little sudoku this one is. Are you a fan of sudoko?

    Xbox 360 gamer pictures were amazing

    I miss the Xbox 360 dashboard. Long live the blades!

    This artwork is great

    I love the whole series.

    Bloodborne is so good

    Acquiring the full ending is a bit of a journey.

    Mr Funny Guy

    Johnny’s a top bloke. You should check out his other stuff.

    Why would you just stop?

    Like, why is this truck still for so long?

    Kids being kids

    These prank names are incredible.

    Disco Elysium is so good

    I need more of it in my life.

    Spring is here

    The season basically crash tackled me this morning. It’s just suddenly warm.

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    Here’s a photo of Rad to brighten your night! 

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