Dynamo’s BGMI account banned for streaming and playing outside India


    BGMI was never short of popular streamers who showcased their talent on YouTube and Twitch. Aadii “Dynamo” Sawant is one such streamer who has over 9.5 million subscribers on his YouTube account. Much to the surprise of mobile gamers, his BGMI account was banned.

    Ever since PUBG Mobile got banned in India, these popular gamers have given players hope about the battle royale game’s return. Now that BGMI has gained massive popularity within 2 months of its release, Android players are enjoying it to their heart’s content. Sadly, iOS mobile gamers are still waiting for official news regarding BGMI’s release.

    Story behind the ban of Dynamo’s BGMI account

    In the above stream (from 10:36 to 13:00), Dynamo revealed how his BGMI account was unexpectedly banned by Krafton. The popular streamer had a vacation planned and promised his fans that he would devote 60% to 70% of his time exploring the new places and 30% to 40% of his time playing BGMI.

    When he landed in Russia and got some time to enjoy the game, he tried opening BGMI but the servers did not respond. He closed the game and tried to open it once more which led to the ban of his account.

    Dynamo later realized that BGMI is only meant for Indians and since it is not the global version of PUBG Mobile he cannot enjoy it in any other country. However, he was not very worried about the ban and took the necessary steps to unban his account. It was just a minor inconvenience as Dynamo stated that his account was banned before (as players can see in the video above).

    The famous BGMI streamer wanted to inform his fans that he could not practice for the entire time he was outside India due to the ban. However, he is now back on track and is ready to dive into the battle royale matches of BGMI.

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