Dying Light Platinum Edition Is Officially Coming to Switch


    Dying Light Platinum Edition Is Making Its Way to the Switch

    Dying Light will officially make its way to the Nintendo Switch as a Platinum Edition. Developer Techland revealed at Gamescom 2021 that fans can now play the wildly popular 2015 title on their handheld gaming devices.

    The first-person zombie-killing game caught the attention of many gamers on other consoles since its launch and it eventually got a Platinum Edition treatment—complete with all of the prior DLCs—on the PS4 and Xbox One. Now, Switch users can join in on the fun, too. Unfortunately, Techland did not confirm any specific release date for when the game will be available on the Switch.

    dying light platinum edition switch

    Dying Light fans are curious to know more about how the gameplay design transfers over to a handheld version. Although Dying Light is not particularly known as the best-looking game in the market today, it has been critiqued as a visually intensive game that showcases some striking environments. 

    The Switch, on the other hand, is not famous for its high fidelity graphic support. Apart from the announcement that the game will soon be playable on the Nintendo Switch, Techland did not show any trailer that showed  its gameplay—not even screenshots. Fans are wondering how the game will look like once run on relatively minimal settings. It is worth noting that some big game titles—like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt—did not particularly transfer over well to Nintendo’s powerful hybrid. It looked seemingly muddy compared to its Xbox One or PS4 versions.

    The Dying Light Platinum Edition single playthrough on the Switch will give its fans more than 100 hours of single-player gameplay, in addition to countless additional adventures with friends and in the co-op mode. It will reportedly contain a survival guide with tips and tricks on how to make it out of the restricted zone alive, unique stickers, Switch game card with Dying Light, and a two-sided map.

    Sadly for Dying Light fans, there was no mention of whether or not Dying Light 2 is coming to the Switch as well.


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