Dusk Diver 2 revealed for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC


    Taiwanese publisher Justdan International and developer Wanin Games have announced Dusk Diver 2 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam, a sequel to the 2019 action game Dusk Diver. At present, there seem to be no additional details beyond a brief teaser trailer and a winter release window, though there is a Dusk Diver 2 website to keep an eye on.

    The original Dusk Diver featured a slick visual style and hectic beat ’em up combat in an alternate world, but you also could explore a neighborhood in Taiwan, getting to know various characters and developing new powers as a result. The combination of action with RPG elements sounds pretty nice on paper, but the game suffered from a mixed critical reception with apparently repetitive combat and localization issues. Perhaps Dusk Diver 2 will be able to provide a tighter, more refined experience on Switch.

    Incidentally, another game where you split your time between hanging out with friends in the real world and battling creatures in another world is Afterburner Studios’ Dreamscaper, which releases next month on Switch. And then there’s always Persona 5 Strikers, which has been available in the West for a few months now. Basically, if you like to beat up bad guys and then relax afterward, Nintendo Switch has you covered.


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