Disturbing Forest brings puzzle fantasy adventure to Switch in 2022


    Publishers Ultimate Games S.A. and Gaming Factory S.A. and developer Panteon Studio will bring first-person puzzle fantasy adventure Disturbing Forest to Nintendo Switch in 2022, and it will release on PC in Q4 2021. A prologue for Disturbing Forest is available to download and play for free on Steam now, and there is a new trailer showing off what to expect in it. The premise of the game is that you are former military who has been imprisoned, but a friend offers to grant you your freedom — if you can help kill somebody, apparently. Combat, crafting, and a “detective mode” to solve puzzles will all be included, and the plot and tasks will be non-linear.

    Mateusz Kulis, one of the creators of Disturbing Forest, offered the following about the game alongside its Nintendo Switch release window announcement:

    In Disturbing Forest, we transport the players to a unique fantasy world. It’s a mysterious and quite dark place, full of challenges and fear-inducing situations. We are preparing a diverse gameplay – it’s a puzzle and adventure game, where we discover the plot not only through interacting with specific characters, but also the environment itself. In order to maintain the right balance, we’ve added – among others – elements of monster slaying and fighting for survival in a hostile world. Disturbing Forest also offers a quite demanding difficulty level.

    Check out the low-poly art style of Disturbing Forest below, and if you’re down for more high-impact experiences with simplistic graphics on Switch, then also check out Hindsight 20/20.

    [Source: PR]

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