discover GTA 5 option X, discovered by players 8 years after the game’s release


    It’s not a colossal secret, but all gamers seem to ignore it. The mechanic wasn’t even discovered by a curious having fun: no, it was spotted on an account giving random tips from Grand Theft Auto 5.

    GTA 5: a mechanic exclusive to consoles discovered 8 years later

    Simply, the mechanism in question allows … to drop an object when you are in the car. We are all guilty, whether it is solo or in the Online mode (including the GTA RP, also available on PS4), throwing a sticky bomb or molotov cocktail at someone.

    Well, this mechanism allows here not to throw this object, but simply drop it from the window of the car or motorcycle. Ideal for setting a trap since it allows you not to aim and concentrate on driving, history of discovering some secrets on the side of the road.

    To get there, it’s as simple as anything, you still had to know it:

    • Press ‘X’ (Playstation) aiming anywhere
    • Press ‘A’ (Xbox) aiming anywhere

    PC players do not have this option activated by default, at least on the launch version of GTA 5. Otherwise, it is the key. X who should be bound to this action but many games (including ours) do not take into account this mechanism which seems to be reserved for consoles.

    Players are discovering this action after thousands of hours spent in Los Santos

    Admittedly, this little news does not have enough to change the whole game. Most of the people in comments seem to discover option X, however, until the most loyal players who announce for example “I’ve been playing since 2014. I didn’t know that …” !

    We can therefore only recommend that you start your GTA 5 whether on Xbox, Playstation (PS4 or PS5 for that matter since the next-gen update is coming soon) or PC, and to try to drop a bomb through your window!

    These are the kinds of little discoveries that make Grand Theft Auto 5 so exciting, even after so long. For example, a player had recently succeeded to block the train in a very funny way, where others came out mods that significantly reduce online loading time.

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