Destiny 2 Xur Location today: Where is Xur this week and what is he selling?


    With Bungie unlocking the Vault of Glass Master Difficulty for Guardians to take on next week, gamers will be hoping for some great new gear from Xur in Destiny 2 today.

    So all eyes will be on the return of The Agent of the Nine, who will be setting up shop somewhere in the Destiny universe.

    This will mean checking all of his usual haunts, including The Tower, The EDZ, or Nessus, across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    Each week is a toss-up for gamers waiting on what will be revealed, with a mix of weapons and armour made available.

    The first thing Guardians will need to do is find out where Xur is today and what he is selling for Legendary Shards.

    Last week, Xur had a great selection, offering the Cerberus+1 for 29 legendary shards, Nezarec’s Sin for 23 legendary shards, Raiden Flux for 23 legendary shards, and Crest of Alpha Lupi for 23 legendary shards.

    And all of these questions will be answered when Bungie brings back Xur today, with the merchant arriving back on the map in the coming hours.

    Guardians in North America will be waiting until late morning for their chance to track down Xur.

    Meanwhile, Guardians in the UK will have the new collection of weapons available by the evening.

    The return of Xur will allow gamers to trade Legendary Shards for exotics, but only for a short period.

    The Destiny 2 Xur location from July 2 until July 6 will be revealed at 6pm BST, and all the items will be available until the weekly reset is completed and all rituals are wiped.

    For anyone who has forgotten, Legendary Shards used by Xur items are remnants of powerful items used to improve gear or trade for other items.

    It should also be noted that Xur will be dropping items similar in power level to your character.

    And another part of Xur that is new to the latest version of Destiny 2 is that he now drops Cipher Quests for free.

    A message from Bungie explains: “When signing in next Tuesday, Vault of Glass will offer a Master difficulty option to launch for you and your fireteam. While there is no minimum Power requirement to enter, enemies will be at 1350 Power, so you will want to earn some Pinnacle Power and raise your Artifact levels before attempting a run.

    “First up, Master Vault of Glass unlocks the final Triumphs required for the Fatebreaker raid Seal and title. Once completed, players may equip their in-game title and purchase the Bungie Rewards pin if they so desire.

    “Second, Master Vault of Glass will also introduce Timelost weapons to Destiny 2. Timelost weapons can be comparable to Adept weaponry from Grandmaster Nightfalls or Flawless Trials Passages, but offer an additional perk in columns three and four for slightly more customization.

    “Complete Vault of Glass Challenges in the Master difficulty of the activity, and you will be rewarded. Each week will feature a specific Timelost weapon for you to hunt, rotating alongside the available challenge. Once you’ve earned a Timelost weapon, you may also purchase additional rolls from the chest at the end of the raid (on Master difficulty) using Spoils of Conquest.”

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