Deathloop Will Remain a PS5 Console Exclusive Until At Least 14th September, 2022

Deathloop PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Quick confirmation that Deathloop’s timed PlayStation 5 console exclusivity will run until “at least” 14th September, 2022. The disclaimer was included at the end of the latest trailer, confirming that the Arkane Studios first-person shooter will release elsewhere thereafter. Considering that Microsoft now owns the developer, expect this to be included as part of Xbox Game Pass.

The studio showcased just under 10 minutes of gameplay footage this week, showcasing the release’s intricate level design, superpowers, and unique Groundhog Day-esque systems. Unfortunately, it’ll be the last game from the Dishonored developer to release on a Sony system, which is a real bummer a PlayStation persuasion.

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