Deathloop Not Available On Xbox Series X Until September 2022


    Deathloop was already confirmed to be console-exclusive on PlayStation 5 for a year before landing on Xbox Series X. That exclusivity deal has now been reaffirmed by publisher Bethesda Softworks to last for the same period.

    According to a new gameplay walkthrough shared by developer Arkane Studios earlier today, Deathloop will “not be available on other consoles until at least” September 14, 2022. The time-bending action-adventure releases for PlayStation 5 and PC on the same date this year. Hence, potentially gracing Xbox Series X either on the same date next year or sometime afterwards.

    Deathloop was originally announced as a timed console exclusive on PlayStation 5. The game was supposed to release somewhere in late 2020 but was delayed until early 2021 due to its development being impacted by COVID-19.

    Arkane Studios however needed more time and the release was further pushed ahead by a month before being delayed all the way to September 2021.

    Behind the scenes though, Microsoft was already in talks to acquire ZeniMax Media which serves as the parent company of not only Bethesda Softworks but several other notable studios as well.

    Deathloop hence became a game from a first-party Xbox Game Studio before its release. However, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, assured that the $7.5 billion-worth acquisition will not affect the console exclusivity nature of the game.

    Deathloop has been described by its developer as an “inverted Cluedo” murder puzzle which combines elements of both the Dishonored and Prey franchises, also from Arkane Studios.

    The game tasks players to assassinate eight targets on an island before midnight. Failing to do so rewinds back time and have players try again. The time loop is central to gameplay as it will allow players to obtain crucial information about their targets like their habits, fortifications, and patterns, and such.

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