Cookiee Kawaii | Debut ‘Vanice’ Album & Always Reppin’ Jersey Club Music


    Press Play (Gamer Girl)” is an ode to your love for gamer girls. You’re a gamer girl yourself, right?

    Yeah, of course. That song came from when I started streaming on Twitch 6 months ago. I’ve been a gamer since Nintendo but when people were telling me to get on Twitch, I thought it was more so for competitive gamers. I didn’t know you’d be chillin’ and relaxing, you could suck and still have a great time. [laughs] Now, I’m really active on Twitch. When I was introduced to the community and I seen all the gamer girls, I was in awe. They had setups, lights, stream decks, all kinds of stuff. 

    At least from my era of gaming what you’d consider a gamer girl is, to now where it stands where you have women who game who are nice. I mean nice! They’re talk streamers, I was in awe. I didn’t know what to do when I originally heard the “Press Play” beat. It was different, I didn’t know what direction to take it. Being inspired by the gamer girls, I instantly knew they needed an anthem because gamer girls rule. Period. They needed something to represent that community. Gamer girls, that whole world is their esthetic. There’s some girls who really game and are really nice, why not give them a highlighted anthem to show there’s people that love them too?

    Someone mentioned you’re wearing a Hunter X Hunter hat?

    Yes, this was a gift. We love gifts! If you want my PO Box, you can definitely send me things. I love stones, crystals, anime merch, I love it all. 

    How would you describe your fashion sense?

    Graphic tees that are extremely large, sweatpants, mainly anything that’s comfy. I like to be chill. I don’t like to dress up. For me, I went to Catholic school so we wore uniforms. Then church or Easter Sunday, those were the times. Those aren’t enjoyable moments, you didn’t really want to wear your uniform or dress up for Easter Sunday. I don’t really like fitted clothes, that vibe’s more so for special occasions. I’d rather be chill, comfortable, mad relaxed. I don’t need all that. Very comfy, that’s the swag. 

    One thing you want fans to take away from the project?

    Jersey club music is the future. I know there’s someone from Baltimore or Philly who wants to make sure they’re mentioned. In my case, I’ll always mention them. Even when it comes down to Chicago house music because my parents being DJs, that’s something I grew up with. I want people to understand club music isn’t some novelty thing that randomly goes viral every year. Jersey club music or club music in general, whether it’s Baltimore, Chicago, Philly, house music, ballroom, it has the potential to stand with the EDM and dubstep. It has the same power to sell out festivals and do those numbers. 

    If people gave more opportunities producers, dancers, artists who make club music, put them on the right stages or whatever needs to be done, we’d really be able to show “okay, it’s a diamond in the rough.” It only takes someone to say “Hey, I believe in you. Let me put some little extra funding behind you and make something happen.” For me incorporating so many genres in the album, from adding rock and doing pop, I did it all. You know how DJs will give you samples? I wanted people in the industry who don’t understand club, or may not even be fans of it, to get a sample of what it’d be like if club would be incorporated in these multiple different genres and sounds. How would a Jersey club rock song sound? Giving them that sample  because they may not even know what it could sound like. 

    We have our club remixes that really are just remixed versions of songs. Let me give you an original club record, then put it in a genre that you could understand and relate to — but still club it and forcefully make you fall in love with it. It’s very experimental things going on here. I want people to know it’s more than the music, we have dancers, producers, DJs. It’s different states involved. All people have to do is do their research or ask me, I’ll point you in the right direction of what you need to look up so you can see how vast it is. 

    Anything else you want to let the people know?

    Shout out to everyone that’s been a part of the project, my features and everyone that’s helped me. My Cookiee Monsters and everyone that’s been a part of this journey and continues to support me. It’s more to come, CLUB SODA vol. 3 loading. The deluxe is definitely coming as well, it’s really only up from here. I know the project just dropped, but I’m already on what’s next. Okay I know I have to promote it, but I’m excited for more people to hear it. I want people to really listen to it. 

    You can’t say “I don’t like Cookiee because she cursed me out on Live so I’m not listening.” Maybe you could say that, but go listen to it anyway because you might like at least one song. That’s all I want, I don’t care if you like me. It want people to recognize what club music is and know that it’s not just me, tons of other dope artists make club music. You should check them out because we’re a whole club family. There’s so many of us. If we were roaches in the kitchen and you only knew of the one Cookiee roach, when you turn on the lights it’s a lot of us. It’s a lot going on, just look for It. It’s not the best reference to use, but you get the point. 

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