Ark Evolution Event June 2021 Begins: Here Are the Details


    Ark Evolution Event June 2021

    Just a few days ago, Studio Wildcard released the last DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved, that is, the Ark: Genesis Part 2. And now the Ark Evolution Event June 2021 has begun as well.

    With the arrival of Ark: Genesis Part 2, players have to deal with several new creatures, weapons, and other items that have appeared in the game.

    The latest Ark Evo Event is important for players as it helps them evolve the creatures. Find out more details below.

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    Ark Evolution Event Schedule And Other Details

    This event is quite important for players as it helps them evolve the unique creatures and dinos quickly in the game, and helps them to progress faster. It runs for a couple of days, and offers double XP among other things.

    The Ark Evolution Event for June 2021 has already begun today, that is, June 6 and it will end on June 8.

    Ark Evo Event contents:

    • 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, imprint, and maturation)
    • 2X Taming
    • 2X Harvesting
    • 2X XP

    The Ark Evolution Event usually begins and ends on weekends. However, this information comes from the official source itself so we have no reason to doubt it.

    But it has left several players confused as to why the event began at the end of the weekend. One of the probable reasons could be the clash of timings due to the arrival of Ark: Genesis 2.

    Meanwhile, Ark fans who were pretty excited for the final storyline of the game, have been complaining about the lack of enough servers, waiting time in queue, wildcard fix, and other bugs in the game.

    This has spoiled the experience for several players. But product launches with online servers are challenging for any game developer and it seems to be the case with Ark: Survival Evolved too.

    Studio Wildcard has assured players that it is working on it and we expected the issues to be resolved soon enough.

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