Apex Legends Emergence Update Launch Trailer and New Legend Abilities Explained PS4


    Seer, the new legend coming to Apex Legends with its Emergence update on August 3, 2021, is a tactical character with scanning-based abilities. Alongside the new character, Respawn Entertainment is also adding a new Rampage LMG weapon that uses thermite grenades as ammo, the long-awaited ranked arenas game mode, and several changes to existing maps as well as new arena maps to enjoy.

    Publisher Electronic Arts revealed the information about the upcoming update during its EA Play Live stream. The new legend was previously revealed in a Stories from the Outlands teaser trailer, where Respawn gave a glimpse into the mysterious figure’s background. However, not many details were shared about the legend’s abilities aside from his iconic moth-themed microdrones.

    Thanks to an interview with developers from Respawn, we now know that Obi, aka “Seer,” will be a Tracker-type legend who boasts scanning abilities that allows him and his teammates to track opponents’ heartbeats, similar to Bloodhound’s passive. Below is a list of Seer’s confirmed tactical, passive, and ultimate abilities:

    Apex Legends Seer Abilities

    • Passive: Seer will be able to see “hints” on enemy locations while aiming down sights
    • Tactical: Sends out microdrones to see and continuously track enemy locations
    • Ultimate: Creates a sphere of drones that will track enemy movement within

    Additionally, the studio also announced that the new Rampage LMG will use thermite grenades in some capacity, likely similar to how the Sentinel sniper rifle uses shield cells to increase damage. Throughout the trailer, you can also the World’s Edge map completely changed with more lava and a strange smoke-dispersing tower. Specifically, the map now includes what looks to be moving gondolas.

    Finally, Respawn has also confirmed that ranked Arenas are coming to Apex Legends in the next update. Similar to Battle Royale, the new game mode will place players in similarly-ranked matches using both MMR and rank level. However, unlike BR mode players can de-rank if they lose enough matches, but will still receive rewards based on the highest rank achieved in the season. Three new maps will also come to Arenas: “Hillside” from Kings Canyon, “Dome” from World’s Edge, and “Oasis” from Olympus.

    You can check out the Apex Legends Emergence launch trailer below:

    [embedded content]

    The Apex Legends Emergence update launches on on August 3, 2021

    [Source: EA]

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