Animal Crossing Redditor pays tribute to Mario with detailed obstacle course


    Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, but one that is certainly bigger, arguably the biggest franchise in gaming history, is Super Mario.

    Nintendo released an official collaboration for the two games in February, adding a host of items, clothes and other Mario-themed additions to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The collaboration was a huge success and led many in the player base to speculate about other potential collaborations with Nintendo franchises. The Legend of Zelda was in prime position, but none have occurred so far.

    For now, the Mario items will have to suffice. Fortunately, there’s plenty to do with them. One Redditor made great use of them to create a detailed tribute to Super Mario.

    Super Mario tribute from Animal Crossing Redditor

    Long before Mario was traversing galaxies and riding in a hat-shaped spaceship, he was a simple plumber who ran around castles trying to save his princess. Thanks to the Super Mario x Animal Crossing collaborative items, one Redditor was able to successfully create their own Super Mario level on their Animal Crossing island.

    The old Mario levels feature a lot of what is highlighted in this obstacle course: coins, bricks, daring jumps and of course, the flag marking the finish. There’s a Thwomp, one of Mario’s most challenging enemies, for good measure. Arguably, the best part comes at the end of the level.

    Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario in the 1980s as part of the Donkey Kong franchise. There’s a custom design of him right before the flag signifying the end of the level, and in this case the obstacle course.

    The end of the level in Mario has long been signified by the flag. Image via Nintendotribute to the man who created what is arguably the most iconic character in all of gaming, perhaps even all of pop culture. There’s really not many people who haven’t played a Mario game, and without it there’s probably no Nintendo and no Animal Crossing.

    The community has reacted positively to the combination of two of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, with the post receiving upvotes and positive comments. It even has one player excited about even more possibilities. With Animal Crossing, a lot is possible and there are no limits to what someone could do.

    Is this the most popular crossover in gaming?

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