a piece of cardboard is enough to repair the Nintendo Switch controller


    Is your Nintendo Switch a victim of Joy-Con drift? If you haven’t been spared by this problem, a YouTuber has found a simple solution to repair the Nintendo Switch controller. A small piece of cardboard inside the controller does the trick.

    The Joy-Con drift is arguably one of the most annoying and common problems with the Nintendo Switch. Many gamers have already complained about the controller issue on their hybrid console. So much so that some of them are suing Nintendo like the 9-year-old child and his mother who had filed a complaint last year.

    Nintendo Switch Joy-Con – Credit: Sara Kurfeß / Unsplash

    As a reminder, the Joy-Con drift designates a movement of the joystick which is recorded by the joystick. It will then appear on the screen even though you have not even touched the joystick. This problem has affected the Nintendo Switch for several years and the Japanese company has still not offered a fix. Besides, Valve wants to avoid the drift of joysticks on the Steam Deck at all costs, its new portable console that wants to compete with the Nintendo Switch.

    A piece of cardboard would correct the Joy-Con drift “permanently”

    There are countless Joy-Con drift videos featuring various and varied solutions available online. However, the video shared by the youtubeur “ VK’s Channel ” present one of the simplest solutions to repair the controller, if not the easiest.

    The youtubeur noticed that the Joy-Con drift can be avoided by applying pressure around the analog stick. As you can see in the video below, pressing the Joy-Con immediately cancels the joystick drift. The YouTuber therefore had a simple idea, but effective. He opened up the Joy-Con in order to placea very thin piece of cardboard under the location of the analog stick. The cardboard therefore rests directly on the metal plate which records the movements of the joystick.

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