5 often overlooked videogame accessibility features – PC Gamer


    The game accessibility features that get the most attention are naturally the big ones, such as high contrast modes, subtitles, and Xbox Adaptive Controller support. Tucked away within most games, however, are subtler features that are often taken for granted. Not everyone is aware that these simple options are in fact accessibility features in the first place.

    Accessibility Week

    A gamer sitting in front of their PC and an Xbox Adaptive Controller

    (Image credit: Future)

    This feature is part of PC Gamer’s Accessibility Week, running from August 16, where we’re exploring accessible games, hardware, mods and more. 

    There are also many, many accessibility problems that are overlooked, such as text size being below average, blind accessibility not being attempted, and excess information and clutter causing cognitive overload. The five features we’ve highlighted here don’t address every under-discussed issue in games, but they do illustrate how seemingly minor settings can make a big difference. 


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